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with Luis Escobar

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Introduction to Outdoor Photography - Composition & Technique

Oceano California

June 9 & 10, 2018

Cameras don't take pictures, people do. But cameras are not always easy to understand. Join local professional photographer, Luis Escobar in the field as he teaches the techniques that will help turn your everyday snapshots into dynamic compositions.

Together we will analyze sample photographs and discuss composition techniques, including eliminating distractions, using leading lines and the Rule of Thirds to create more interesting images.

In addition, Luis will accompany you and a small group photographers and put into practice expert composition instruction while in the field. Each day will bring a new experience, special lessons and the opportunity for you to photograph beautiful landscapes with one on one instruction.

We will be working at dawn and dusk, capturing the variety of conditions, models and landscapes that are unique to the California Central Coast. Photographers of all levels using film or digital cameras are encouraged to attend.  

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Day 1 - Saturday, June 9

• 11:30am - Meet and check in at Pacific Dunes Ranch 1205 Silver Spur Pl, Oceano, CA

• 12:00pm - Getting to know your camera.

• 1:30pm - Eleven ways to immediately improve your photographic experience.

• 4:00pm - No host group lunch at Rib Line 228 W Grand Ave, Grover Beach, CA

• 7:00pm to sunset - Photographing horses at sunset on Oceano Beach. Post shoot drinks
and snacks provided.

Day 2 - Sunday, June 10

• 5:00am - Photographing sunrise on the Oceano Dunes. Meet at Pacific Dunes Ranch 

• 9:00am - No host breakfast at Rock & Roll Diner 1300 Railroad St. Oceano, California

• 11:45am - Pacific Dunes Ranch Clubhouse. Download images from previous shoots.

• Editing with Photoshop basics. Photoshop tips & tricks.

• 3:00pm - Workshop ends.

The California Central Coast offers stunning and diverse photographic opportunities from
colorful beaches to pristine sand dunes, working cattle ranches, busy harbors and vibrant
vineyards. This two day photography worksop will be customized for these unique locations.

$250.00 per person
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